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Episode 16: My Lady Tongue

In which Pip and Dori reunite for a triumphant and joyous review of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing!

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Championship Revisited

  With Chicago and Miami pulling out huge championship wins in hockey and basketball recently, we wanted to revisit a classic Mousetrap Podcast from the archives all about the cream rising above the chaff.

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Episode 13: Inclement Weather

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the verses are so delightful! Teaching Artist Drew Peterson joins Pip to discuss the intrusion of severe weather into Shakespeare’s plays, and what we can learn about surviving a hurricane from Shakespeare’s canon. … Continue reading

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Episode 10: Final Results Show!

As much fun as the Shakespeare Madness poll was, not even it can last forever. We’re already planning for next year’s Madness, but what’s done is done. I’m sure you’re holding your breath in anticipation of the results of the … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Madness Finals: It All Comes Down to This: UPDATE!

UPDATE: Dori and I will be recording a podcast this week to announce the final results. In the meantime, the voting will remain open, so keep spreading the word! In the words of Bilbo Baggins, “I regret to announce, this … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Madness: Your Final Four Poll

We’re almost to the end of this epic journey, and heroes are falling left and right!

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Meet the Final Four: Henry V

When I complain about the History plays getting short shrift in performance and education, I hold up King Henry V as my primary example of a character who audiences young and old can learn from and admire. He’s gotten a … Continue reading

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Is this a holiday?

We knew we wanted to do something special for our Final Four Shakespeare characters, which is going to take just a little extra time to prepare than usual. Also some of us elected to spend Passover/Easter weekend relaxing, and others … Continue reading

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Episode 9: Shakespeare Madness Round 4 Preview Podcast

In this episode: Dori and Pip look back on the paths our Elite Eight have taken to reach Round 4 and makes so predictions about who we’ll see in the Final Four Shakespeare Characters. All this, plus Shakespeare Emergencies on … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Madness: Your Elite Eight Poll

The Melancholy Dane and the Mad Queen of Scotland. The most competitive lovers in Messina. The Thief/Prince who grew up to conquer France, and the fat knight who drank himself to death. The Monster of the Magic Island and the Wildest Party … Continue reading

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