The Mousetrap is a place for people to come together to share their love of the plays and poems of William Shakespeare. We are critical omnivores; there is nothing about which we cannot develop a reasoned opinion. But what we love most is sitting around with a glass of wine or a tumbler of bourbon and talking about the Bard. Or sometimes yelling about the Bard. Occasionally fighting about the Bard. And some of us know how to use swords!

But here at The Mousetrap we’re always civil, kind, and respectful, and we never type in all caps. We just want to share the joy and jealousy, the frustration and fascination as we investigate Shakespeare’s life and work. Anyone who wants to join in our exploration is welcome; We’re all here to learn.

Also, our names are Dori (the smart one) and Pip (the goofy one) and we live in Brooklyn (the New York one).