Shakespeare Madness Round 3 Results

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our Elite Eight! The Moor of Venice fell to the Hamlet juggernaut, the Hunchback was out-dueled by a fat old cowardly knight. Antony’s honeyed words were useless against Lady M’s blood-spattered hands, and even the She-Wolf of France couldn’t bring down the warlike Harry V. No bit-parts left now, only favorites!

Close-ups of the individual brackets after the break, plus a few notes and full Round 3 percentage results!



-No races were particularly close this round, with Benedick and Beatrice’s wins both coming by 15%, the smallest margins of the round.
-Lady M was the most dominant victor, beating Mark Antony by over 60 percentage points. The Scottish lobby is working overtime, as Ms Macker’s margins of victory have been more than doubling in size each round.
-Much Ado still has two wonderful characters in the running, and the unique characteristics of the History bracket mean Henry IV parts 1 and 2 still have both Hal and Falstaff battling it out as well.

Full Results


Hamlet (66.9%) over Othello (33.1%)
Mark Antony (18.3%) falls to Lady Macbeth (81.7%)


Hal/Henry V (76.3%) over Queen Margaret (23.7%)
Sir John Falstaff (59.3%) over Richard III (40.7%)


Benedick (57.6%) over Nick Bottom (42.4%)
Beatrice (57.6%) over Viola (42.4%)


The Witches (35%) fall to Mercutio (65%)
Imogen (38.3%) fall to Caliban (61.7%)

We’ve identified our Elite Eight, which will now battle for the coveted Final Four spots in our Shakespeare Madness tournament. I have NO IDEA what is going to happen next. Hamlet hasn’t had trouble dispatching any of his opponents, but Lady M seems to be getting stronger with each passing round. The Witches were a Cinderella story until they ran up against the incredibly powerful Mercutio, but can he overcome the memorable Caliban? A memorable pair of memorable pairs round out the Eight, but how can they battle each other? Beatrice and Benedick need each other; which could possibly have the upper hand on the other? And what can I possibly write here about Hal and Falstaff? Do you know how to choose between favorite Shakespeare characters? “I do. I will.”

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